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Map Editor is especially created to create 2D classic Ultima-style maps / worlds, but can be used of course anything you can imagine in terms of 2D tile based maps.

Map Editor comes with tiles of XU4, a free Ultima IV remake. 

The source code (BlitzMax) is included, so you can modify it to meet your needs.

Map file format: The 2 first 32-bit integers: Width, height of the map, the rest of the integers are the map data.

Version 0.16 comes with source code and gfx files, but you'll have to compile the exe yourself with BlitzMax: https://nitrologic.itch.io/blitzmax

This is because I don't have any certificate to sign the exe at the moment.

Video of version 0.16:

Features in version 0.16:

 - the map area is scrolled with the right mousebutton
 - the whole world map can be filled with selected tile
 - the whole world map can be seen graphically
 - when the whole world map is showing, the editing continues from the map position you click at
 - The arrows up & down are divided into 1 step speed and 16 step speed (tile selection)
 - Selected tile can be picked up from the map
 - When changing worldmap size, the old map is preserved as long as it fits into new worldmap
 - The number of selected tile is shown

New in version v0.16:

 - small fix: The number of the selected tile is also shown when picking tile from the map
 - small fix: The clicking area of "Paint with current tile/block" better checked
 - small fix: When chanching the map dimensions, scrollX and scrollY are set to 0, so that there isn't  "garbage" on the screen before scrolling, if the new map is smaller than the old one


Map Editor-OV-signed.zip 715 kB
Map Editor v016.zip 40 kB

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The editor looks interesting! So nice. By the way, I know that there is still a Blitz community. Perhaps you can let those people know your interesting program  as well.